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Anchor100 Property Management Services with 100% Commitment
Anchor 100 is the first fully-fledged property management service from Anchor Land Holdings Incorporated. Avail of this service and experience a hassle-free investment in any of Anchor Land’s developments. We’ll handle everything you need for your investment, including:
  • Legal Documentation
  • Financial Matters
  • Rent Collection
  • Finding Tenants
  • Screening Tenants
  • Maintenance of Unit


Asset Evaluation

The team evaluates the property and determines a realistic rental rate. They will provide a detailed documentation of the units (description, interior and exterior photos) and make recommendations on repairs and cosmetic improvements to maximize monthly rent. They collate data on rental rates and work with owners to determine the optimal rental rate.


The team will prepare the property for rent, including the cleaning and maintenance of the unit. They will work with other realtors and brokers to find tenants and meet up with prospective tenants for unit viewing. They will also conduct various marketing efforts to maintain a sufficient number of applicants.

Tenant Management

Tenant Screening and Selection

The team will conduct background checks to verify the identity, income, credit history, work and other details of a prospective tenant. They will then grade the tenant according to pre-defined criteria.

Tenant Move-in

The team coordinates the move-in date with the tenant and reviews the lease guidelines with them; concerning issues like payment terms, property house rules, and required maintenance. They will also conduct a detailed move-in inspection with the tenant.

Tenant Move-out

The team inspects the unit and accomplishes a property condition report when the tenant moves out. They will provide the tenant and unit owner an estimated cost of damages, if any, and refunds the tenant the balance of the security deposit. They will then clean the unit and perform the needed repairs or renovation and finally puts the property up for rent.


The team collects the rent and security deposit as well as transmits income. They make payments on behalf of the unit owner (association dues, real property tax, insurance, utilities) and provide regular reports on receipts and expenses. They also maintain all historical records (paid invoices, leases, inspection reports, warranties, etc.) while under the asset management agreement.


The team conducts periodic inspections and establishes a preventive maintenance schedule. We provide housekeeping services for general cleaning as well as deep cleaning. We will also take care of repair services either through an in-house maintenance team or a network of accredited contractors. A 24-hour emergency repair service is also available for assistance.