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It has come to ALHI’s knowledge that there are several unscrupulous and/or unauthorized websites (“non-affiliated/infringing websites”), which have maliciously utilized the project names and/or trademarks of ALHI and/or its subsidiaries as its domain names, thereby infringing ALHI’s lawfully registered trademarks. ALHI does not sanction the existence of these non-affiliated/infringing sites, nor does it attest to the accuracy or veracity of the contents, information or declarations provided therein. In this regard, ALHI shall not take any responsibility, or assume any liability whatsoever, for any information provided in said non-affiliated/infringing sites. If you have come across these non-affiliated/infringing websites, you are advised to take proper caution and prudence by verifying the information found therein with our customer service, and if necessary, by reporting the same to ALHI.”